Aloaha Form Server now supports myID authentication

The Aloaha eForm Server is a solution to design and manage eforms in HTML, responsive HTML and PDF format. It has its inbuilt user management but supports also various governments eID authentication solutions.

Now Aloaha eForm Server customer and user are able to use the Aloaha Attestation Server as a myID or bID (Blockchain ID) authentication server for back– and frontend logons.

Users who do not yet have a blockchain ID can create one on: as explained HERE.

Please note that in case you are just testing use as Mnemonic Phrase (private key) the following phrase:

brass rather voice drift addict shell major wedding trash canyon blue divert

Once you have your private key saved securely in your browser wallet you can proceed to logon to the backend eForms Designer via:  (click Alternative Blockchain Logon).

If you start filling in a form which requires eID or bID authentication you will be taken automatically to the logon page.

For example you can use the following form: to test it out.

If you have registered your private key/Mnemonic Phrase in your browser wallet you can log only with your local browser wallet password. A signed session ticket will be created and sent back to the server as logon token. Your password NEVER EVER leaves your browser.

If you have not registered a private key/Mnemonic Phrase then you have to enter a new password plus the private key/Mnemonic Phrase.