Free PFX Self-Signed Certificate Generator

Many customers are asking us to suggest them were to find X.509 certificates for testing or even for production. For that reason we created our free Aloaha Certificate Generator.

You can download it for free from:

The usage is pretty straight forward. Just start the tool, enter your name and press “Generate”. The generated certificate will be stored in the certificate store specified. To view it please start certmgr.msc.

If you activate “Automatic Export” the certificate will exported as .pfx file as well.


Certificate Generator Current User

In case you need to generate a self-signed SSL Certificate for your LocalMachine Store you should start our tool with “Right Click” -> “Run as Administrator” since it needs to be able to access the local machine store!

Certificate Generator Local Machine

Certificate Generator Local Machine


  • .NET Framework 3.5

What are self-signed certificates?

In cryptography and computer security, a self-signed certificate is an identity certificate that is signed by the same entity whose identity it certifies. This term has nothing to do with the identity of the person or organization that actually performed the signing procedure. In technical terms a self-signed certificate is one signed with its own private key.

With self-signed certificate, there is no chain of trust. The certificate has signed itself. The client software might issue a warning, telling you that the certificate cannot be verified. Therefore, you must add your self-signed certificate manually to your windows trusted store to avoid any possible warnings.