Aloaha Smart Logon FAQ

Can I disable the shuffle of digits in the PIN dialog?

Yes, just set HKLM\Software\Aloaha\CSP\DisableAutoShuffle to 1

Can I change the tile image?

It is possible to customize the logon tile image. Just create a key called tileImage in HKLM\Software\Aloaha\CP and point it to a BMP Image.

It is suggested that it has a resolution of 480x480x32.

Can I remove the username field from the credential tile?

Yes, if you use your smart card just for one specific user we can guess the username for that user and you can disable the username field (or just leave it empty)

You find a file UserPass.ini in your Aloaha installation folder. Open that file and look for the section Generic:

The default setting there is:


which results in a tile like this:

Tile with Username

Tile with Username


If you change the settings as shown below you will not see the Username field anymore:


Tile without Username

Tile without Username


Can I cache my PIN across machines?

You can create a key FilePINCachePath in HKLM\SOFTWARE\<Wow6432Node>\Aloaha\CSP and point it to an .ini file. The .ini file can be located on a share. But please make sure that the user “LocalSystem” has read/write access to that share.

The value could be \\Server\Share\PinCache.ini


PIN File Cache

PIN File Cache


You need to repeat that on all of your client machines!

This is ideal if you need to logon to several different machines during the day.

Please note that you can define the expiry time as explained on:



How do I cache my Smartcard PIN?

Pin Caching is enabled per default for a period of only 15 seconds. To extend that time to a long period please open your registry editor (regedit.exe) and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\<Wow6432Node>\Aloaha\CSP

There you must set MaxDecryptionCacheAge_Minutes to the number of minutes you want Aloaha to cache your PIN. In case you want to cache your PIN for a shorter period than one minute please enter the number of seconds in MaxDecryptionCacheAge_Seconds

Please create the keys in case they do not exist.


PIN Cache Time

PIN Cache Time

How do I logon to the machine if I forgot the logon token?

If you have the AllowUP enabled in your userpass.ini then you can write UP:<username> (for example: UP:johndoe) into the username field of the Smart Logon Tile. Instead of the PIN enter the usernames password.



Which software package do I need to install to be able to use Mifare to logon to Windows?

You need to install our Aloaha Smartlogin since that supports Mifare and Desfire out of the box. Have a look at our YouTube Video to learn how to use it:

The installation can be downloaded from


Please do not forget to request an evaluation key from


How can I know if my PKCS #11 Token is supported by Aloaha Smart Login

When using PKCS #11 Token in Aloaha Smartlogin Aloaha will save your credentials ON the token itself. So it needs to support writing.

As a golden rule you can say that if it works as a token in TrueCrypt then it will also work in Aloaha

Should you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact us via