Aloaha USB Endpoint Security

Aloaha USB Security

USB sticks, memory keys, pen drives. It doesn't really matter what you call them - memory sticks are really useful creatures. It's precisely this usefulness, though, that leads to their major weakness: most people use them all the time without a second thought. They swap them between colleagues, lend them to friends and stick them into unfamiliar computers. Is it any wonder they are a major security risk?

Many companies are of the opinion that a good virus scanner is enough protection. But is it really? Just think about Zero Day Exploits, Data Leaks, etc. No virus scanner or USB vaccine will protect your here.

With our USB Port screening and control you lock unwanted USB sticks completly out. You are in control what stick, which USB Filesystems and file extensions are allowed!



The product has been implemented as Microsoft storage filter for highest protection. Microsoft even assigned Aloaha its own Filter Instance Altitude!


  • White-/Blacklist UBS Memory Sticks by Device Name
  • White-/Blacklist files by extension. For example block executable as virus and spyware protection
  • Block write access as data leak protection
  • White-/Blacklist File-systems (FAT/NTFS). For example allow only NTFS to guarantee control via NTFS File Permissions
  • Feature configurable global or per device name

Requirements: Any supported Windows system from Windows Vista upwards. Incl. Windows 10

Manual: Aloaha USB Filter Manual

Pricing: We do not sell singled license but only complete company licenses

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