Software maintenance agreement

Why it pays to have an ALOAHA maintenance agreement

Most ALOAHA products include maintenance for the initial term of the license because maintenance is an insurance policy for out customers success.

Why should I have a maintenance agreement for ALOAHA products?

  1. Access to new features, updates, enhancements and fixes 

Revisions and updates to our products are made throughout the year. Updates are required on occasion to address compatibility and/or third-party software changes (e.g., monthly Microsoft® Windows® updates). Moreover, we need to update our code to ensure our products work at peak performance, to enhance features of our current versions of software, and to eliminate issues with our software running in your environment. When you have a maintenance agreement, you receive automatic and instant access to the latest product versions, updates, enhancements and fixes.

  1. Complete support protection 

Benefit from email and phone support. Ensure your IT issues are quickly addressed by qualified and experienced support representatives, so you experience minimal downtime. We want our customers to succeed, and we are aware that the introduction of new technology is difficult. Therefore, ALOAHA is not only available for support-related questions, but also solve implementation questions that assures customers enjoy a smooth and successful introduction to new technologies. Some companies’ support only includes phone or email contact and an additional charge for upgrades. ALOAHA maintenance is all-inclusive. It encompasses phone and email support, new versions (including new features) and new releases (addressing minor issues).

  1. Protect your investment and your assets: Know your systems are current 

The best way to leverage your initial investment is to ensure that your maintenance agreement is current. It is the least expensive way to keep your software product up-to-date. ALOAHA’s product suite is constantly updated to continue working optimally in their environment. With maintenance, you are not only protecting your investment but also your network and organization. You receive expert problem resolution.

  1. Compliance concerns 

Compliance and systems integrity is a driving force behind having current maintenance on software. Sarbanes Oxley, PCI DSS, e-discovery and myriad regulations and laws are a growing concern for management and systems administrators. You need to show that your systems are secure, that your data’s integrity has not been compromised, and that you have redundancy measures in place. Without a maintenance agreement, the chance greatly increases that your systems lack the latest patches or security updates. You also run the risk that an audit will discover flaws in the network that could have easily been addressed with regular software updates. The cost of failing an audit or suffering a security breach is much greater than a year of maintenance.