Aloaha PDF Crypter

Standard PDF Encryption with owner and user passwords used to be the only PDF protection. Unfortunately passwords do not stop somebody of passing the PDF document on to somebody else. Even worse is the fact that PDF passwords can be removed very easy. The owner password for example can be removed in a matter of seconds without even knowing the passwords. 

The Aloaha PDF Crypter solves these PDF limitations and offers a complete DRM solution. Aloaha encrypts the PDF documents with the public key(s) of the user allowed to read/display the PDF document. As the resulting PDF document is PDF 1.5 compatible it can be read with the free Adobe Reader 6 or higher.

Certificate encrypted documents cannot be passed on to a third person – thus making them the ideal solution for eBook distribution or secure sealing of documents. 

The Aloaha  PDF Crypter encrypts any document with a list of public keys stored in the users address book or certificate store. These encrypted files can only be de-crypted if the recipient has at least one valid private key of the recipient list installed in his windows certificate store.

PDF Documents

PDF Documents will be encrypted fully Adobe Reader 6/7 compatible. The advantage is that the recipient of such an encrypted PDF document does not need to have any special decryption software installed. The method is better known as ebook format.

NON PDF Documents

The Aloaha PKCS #7 Crypter is included for non PDF Documents.



Aloaha PDF Crypter

Aloaha PDF Crypter