Aloaha Remote Desktop (RDP) Manager and Launcher

Control the RDP chaos with the Aloaha Remote Desktop Launcher and centralize all your remote connections, passwords and credentials.

Drive security, speed and productivity throughout your company while reducing risks for your IT department.

Aloaha Remote Desktop is a portable application (no setup required) which sits in your system tray. With a simple right click on the tray icon you quickly launch your RDP Sessions without having to stay typing in passwords. Like that you motivate your staff to use long and more complex passwords.

But our Remote Desktop Manager is not limited to RDP Session. With it's inbuilt Single Sign on for legacy applications you can automatically log on to any application.

More details can be found in our short manual here: Aloaha Single Sign On Manual


The portable version is free of charge but limited to 5 RDP Sessions

Should you require more connections please purchase a Smart Login License HERE.


Aloaha RDP Launcher Systray
Aloaha RDP Launcher Systray