Aloaha PDF Automation Commands (Desktop Mode)

One very important feature of Aloaha is the capability to evaluate and execute commands embedded into the original document.

For example it is possible to write the command attachmentPDF: followed by a file path (wildcards possible) into the original document. The file specified will automatically be embedded into the PDF document to be created.

Just write attachmentPDF: d:\test.txt somewhere on the first page of your document to be printed and Aloaha will automatically add d:\test.txt as an attachment in the PDF.

The command PDFName: defines the filename to be used when saving the PDF Document.

In case you are using the inbuilt mailer you can pre-define some properties such as the recipient, the subject, the body, additional mail attachments (wildcards possible), etc.

For example:

emailto: recipient address

emailcc: cc mail address

emailfrom: sender address – only possible if sending via SMTP

subject: Hello World

body: First Line
body: Second Line

Attachment: d:\test.txt

The keyword RemoveFirstPage deletes the first page of the PDF document. This is ideal to place the commands on the first page but then remove this first page from the final PDF Document.

Some more commands on:

Please do not hesitate to contact in case you would like us to add a special command for you!