Aloaha PDF Batch Signer settings

The main function of the Aloaha PDF batch Signer is to monitor folder and digitally sign any file dropped into this folder.

Once you click the button “Start Signing” Aloaha will monitor the folder configured in “SignFolder” and digitally sign any PDF document dropped into the configured watched folder. Correctly signed documents will be move to the done subfolder, the original file to the org subfolder and in case of an error the file will be move to the error subfolder.

If you create a sub-folder with a different name than done, org, error then Aloaha will also look into that folder for signing!

Aloaha will automatically create a file called settings.ini which will configure signature appearance, certificate to be used and more.The possible settings are explained below the screenshot.


Aloaha PDFSigner (batch)

Aloaha PDFSigner (batch)


Below please see a sample settings.ini The most important section is the Certificate section. It configures the serial number of the certificate to be used for signing (Serialnumber), The TSAURL in case you want to apply an RFC 3161 compliant time stamp and also the hash type to be used (SignatureHashtype). The most common setting for SignatureHashtype is to for SHA-256. The minimum value is 1 for SHA-1 and 4 for SHA512.

Serialnumber=3b a8 f3 9c 00 00 00 00 28 f6

The settings section defines the appearance of the signature itself. You can position the signature image, define with SizeIsPercent if the position values are in pixel or percent and also on which page the signature should applied (SignPage)

You can also define if the newest embedded CAdES signature standard (PAdES) should be used and also if you want to include the Certificate Revocation List (IncludeCRL) in the signature itself. (Long Term Validation – LTV)


SignReason=I have seen this document

Below the folder settings


An in case of an error you find the last error in the Error sections

LastSignError=Could not find certificate: 3ba8f39c0000000028f6 in store or certificate does not have private key
LastSignErrorTime=Fri, 27 May 2016 11:24:06 +02:00