Aloaha DNS Refiner. Flexible DNS for easy Web and Stream Filtering

Aloaha DNS Refiner

The Aloaha DNS Refiner is basically a DNS Proxy and Cache which forwards and caches all requests to a defined DNS Server.

The difference to a normal DNS Server is that you can easily refine DNS requests and answers to boost your productivity!

For example:

  • Block domains or IP Numbers to keep employees or family members safe and productive.
  • Monitor online activities and block access to adult content and other harmful material.
  • Malware protection at the DNS layer for all devices on your network.
  • Redirect requests to different server.
  • Dynamic Public IP.
  • Dynamic DNS.
  • Easy Round Robin and Load Balancing.
  • Query Assets via DNS. For example PING the location of your vehicles.
  • Dynamically publish any information via DNS.
  • DNS based Chat Protocol.
  • DNS Licensing
  • and many, many more……


  • Very fast.
  • Generates very little traffic.
  • Unblockable via firewall.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Works via public WiFi Access Points – even without logging in.


  • Stand Alone Application. Ideal for testing.
  • Windows Service.
  • .NET and COM Library to integrate in own applications.

Installation Options:

  • Hosted solution in Aloaha Cloud (Cloud DNS)
  • On-Premise DNS Installation
  • Agent Installation (locally installed on device)

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