Aloaha Hotfolder

Aloaha’s hotfolder technology helps user to automate tasks without using the Aloaha COM APIs. Documents can be just dropped into one of the hotfolder and Aloaha will sign, print or convert the documents fully automatically.

Please make sure that Aloaha operates in non Interactive mode. You can disable the Interactive mode with a right click on the Aloaha System Tray Icon.

Aloaha autoprint folder

The Aloaha autoprint folder prints every document placed in this folder. In case the document is a PDF document it will be printed to a physical printer to get a paper copy. If the format is not PDF Aloaha will use the default windows handler.

Aloaha signature folder

Every document placed into the “tosign” folder will be digitally signed according to the Aloaha settings. More information can be found here!

Aloaha Image 2 PDF folder

Every image placed into the "img2pdf" folder will be converted to PDF. 
This feature is great to convert fully automatically your incoming faxes to PDF. Just save your images in the img2pdf folder. Multipage TIF Images are converted to multipage PDF Documents as well. Another way would be the FAX2PDF feature of Aloaha.
In case you need converted documents moved to the tosign folder instead of the done folder please set the following registry value to 1. HKLM\Software\Aloaha\pdf\sign_img2pdf

Aloaha Splitter

Every PDF Document placed into the splitter directory will be splitted automatically into single page documents.

Aloaha Command Folder

The Aloaha Command Folder has been introduced in build 2.1.129. Per default it prints every .pdf document with the default PDF Handler to the default printer. The advantage of this watched folder is that it is fully configureable via registry keys. The following keys are available:

Configures the command to be executed. Per default it will be set to the default PDF Handler.

Folder to be monitored.

Timeout in seconds. After that time the file will be moved to done. In case the file is locked Aloaha will retry for 10*timeout . The value defaults to 10 seconds.

The extension to be monitored. It defaults to .pdf

Aloaha DropMailer

The dropmailer watched folder can be used to automatically mail, FAX or sort existing PDF Documents. Every PDF document placed in this dropmailer folder will be executed by the Aloaha Automailer and FileSorter!

Aloaha PDF Crypto Folder

Please have also a look at the Aloaha PDF Crypter and Crypto folder. The Aloaha PDF Crypter is NOT part of the Aloaha  PDF Suite and needs to be licensed seperate!

Aloaha PDF Optimizer Folder

The Aloaha Optimizer Folder can re-organize your internal PDF Objects, compress and clean Text Streams and of course compress Images to JPG and JPG2000

Autoprint Configuration sample.pdf (65,14 KB)

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