Aloaha PDF Automation Commands

One very important feature of Aloaha is the capability to evaluate and execute commands embedded into the original document. For example it is possible to write the command attachmentPDF: followed by a filepath into the original document. The file specified will automatically be embedded into the PDF document to be created. 

The command PDFName: defines the filename to be used when saving the PDF Document.

The command autoprint copies every generated PDF automatically to the autoprint folder. Autoprint followed by a number defines the number of copies placed in the autoprint folder. For example autoprint: 5 would create 5 hardcopies. 

With the command PrinterName the hardcopy printer to be used can be defined. Use PrinterName: Hardcopy Printer to use the local printer with the name Hardcopy Printer. In case the printer is a network printer please put the servername in brackets before the printername. For example PrinterName: (server)Hardcopy Printer.

The keyword UniqueContainerName instructs Aloaha to sign the PDF. The default signature settings apply. The keyword UniqueContainerName followed by the UniqueContainerName of the Certificate instructs Aloaha to use the specified Certificate for the signature. For example UniqueContainerName: 0 would instruct to sign the PDF with the qualified certificate of the first card reader connected.

The keyword RemoveFirstPage deletes the first page of the PDF document.  With RemoveLastPage you can instruct Aloaha to remove the last page of the document. A very important feature to remove the embedded commands from the document!

The command DefaultPath: overwrites the Rootpath set for the File Sorting.

With the command Background: it is possible to apply a different background/letterhead to every page of the document. Since the Background commands parses every PDF page of the PDF document it is not activated per default. You need to activate this feature in the Letterhead Settings "Search for Background Command on every PDf page". Once activated just place on the page a command like Background: c:\letterheads\company.pdf. Every page can contain a different letterhead command!

Aloaha PDF Suite Server and Enterprise Edition User make frequently use of the Aloaha Automailer and Aloaha FAX Connector. The Automailer can be automated with commands such as emailto, emailcc, emailfrom, Subject, Body etc. The FAX Connector can be automated with the FAX command and others.

The command/keyword SkipMail instructs Aloaha NOT to send the document by email!

In case you would like to have your own commands added to Aloaha please do not hesitate to contact our support department via the webform below:

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