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Bypass paranoid mail administrators!

With this month WMF security issue and the upcoming threat of a 0-day-virus many companies reconfigured their mail security products to block/remove images from any emails. Basically email communication is going back to the roots that soon only plain text emails will arrive.

Have you ever heard of a system administrator blocking important documents such as PDF? So why not attaching your Images/Documents/Attachments as PDF to your emails? That increases email delivery.

To convert an image to PDF just drop it in the img2pdf drop folder or open the image with the Aloaha PDF Editor. In case you loaded your Image with the Aloaha PDF Editor you can save it as PDF or JPEG2000 compressed PDF. File attachments you simply drag and drop over the PDF Editor. Aloaha will embed these files into the PDF document so that no mail security product will find and remove/block them! 

PDF Mail Merge

I am very exited about the Aloaha PDF Suite. It allows me to use Microsoft Words Mail Merge to generate my PDF Documents which then will be emailed and/or FAXed automatically by the Aloaha PDF Suite. It was so easy to install and configure. Once the installation was ready I started the creator.exe from the installation directory and enabled save to folder, FAX Gateway, email and scripting. All I need to do now is to make sure that Mail Merge embeds the FAX and/or email Addresses in the prints and thats it. As a power user I even found out that the email and FAX commands are defined with regular expressions in the registry. In case somebody does not like the default FAX, emailto, emailfrom commands everyone can change them with a few clicks!

Use Aloaha to store your passwords, credit card numbers secure

In an ideal world no passwords would exist and everybody would simply logon to computer and websites via Digital Certificates or Finger Printers. But this ideal world is still far away so I am sure I am not alone with my problems. As an IT Professional I need to know a large amount of different usernames and passords for all the sites I am responsible for. To use everywhere the same password would be a huge security risk. But I found the solution! I started to write them down! Not on a piece of paper as you might think. No, I am using e-paper - better known as PDF. PDF Documents have a great digital rights management integrated and clients are available on all platforms! I will explain a bit more detailed the steps how to use PDF as a password store.

  • Open Notepad and press a couple of times space.
  • Print this document to an Aloaha monitored printer to create a blank PDF.
  • Open that PDF with the Aloaha PDF Editor.
  • Create one large Text form - covering the complete page
  • Set both PDF Permission passwords to one password of your choice and enable 128 Bit encryption.
  • Double click on the Form created and enter your secrect usernames and passwords.
  • Save the document. Unlike Adobe Reader the Aloaha Editor will save also the form content.

Now you created a PDF Document which contains all your secrets. You could even publish that document somewhere on a webserver to have your information available everywhere. Whenever you need to add some more information just open it in the Aloaha Editor and edit the Form.

As an example I will publish below a sample document. The password is aloaha.

Password protection (226,23 KB)

Straight to mail

If you want to save time creating and emailing PDF documents you are right with the Aloaha PDF Suite. Due to its inbuilt WebDAV, MAPI and SMTP mailer just a few clicks are enough!

Just press the “Aloaha PDF” Button in your WinWord of Excel. A preview of the PDF will pop up immediately. There you click mail and enter the recipient etc. 

To automate the process or to send every recipient you might also consider the Aloaha PDF MailMerge!

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Start with digital signatures in PDF

Start with digital signatures in PDF

The Aloaha PDF Suite Pro delivers all the functions of the Aloaha PDF Suite Light but you can digital sign your PDF Files. In many countries this is mandatory to send electronic invoices.
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