Apply PDF Letterhead

The Aloaha PDF Suite offers different ways to create and apply letterheads to your prints. 

The easiest way to create a Letterhead Template is printing to the Wrocklage PDF Printer as usual and once the the preview pops up you press the button "Take current Print as Letterhead". The first page of your print job will be taken as a template and loaded into the Aloaha Letterhead Manager. Here you can configure layer, name etc.

Please see screenshots of the Aloaha Preview Screen and a screenshot of the Aloaha Letterhead Manager below.

ZoomAloaha PDF Suite Job preview
Aloaha PDF Suite Job preview

ZoomAloaha Letterhead Manager
Aloaha Letterhead Manager

Import existing PDF Document as Letterhead

The Aloaha Letterhead Manager can also be started with a right click on the Aloaha PDF Suite System Tray. There you choose "Configure Letterhead".

Another way of creating your own letterhead is just doing a drag&drop of an existing PDF File to the Letterhead Manager preview. Aloaha will automatically import your PDF as a letterhead template.

The registry key HKLM\Software\Aloaha\pdf\LayeredPDFLetterhead defines if only one or several PDF Layers are used. The key HKLM\Software\Aloaha\pdf\PDFLetterHeadLayer defines the PDF Layer to be used for the Letterhead.

You can easily define a letterhead with the embedded command background. For example with using the commad background: c:\letterhead.pdf


Letterhead automation API (COM)

  Aloaha contains a couple of API which can be used with any scripting language. If you need to apply a Letterhead/Stationery to existing PDF documents you should use the Aloaha Letterhead API. Please learn more about our APIs on

Apply different Letterheads per page via embedded commands

Nice features of the Aloaha PDF Suite are the embedded commands. Embedded commands are written in the original document. When printed to Aloaha and converted to PDF they are being interpreted fully automatically.

The background command enables the user to specify on every page which background has to be rendered into the same page. To activate the background command please create a string value background in:

HKLM\Software\Aloaha\pdf or HKCU\Software\Aloaha\pdf

Aloaha will read this value only once at startup to save processing time. The content of this value should be a regular expression used to search the path to the background PDF. For example the value could be “Background:”.

Start with digital signatures in PDF

Start with digital signatures in PDF

The Aloaha PDF Suite Pro delivers all the functions of the Aloaha PDF Suite Light but you can digital sign your PDF Files. In many countries this is mandatory to send electronic invoices.
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