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Traditionally it was impossible to use the default PDF Reader to save PDF Forms incl. Data to disk. This changed with the introduction of the Aloaha PDF Form Saver. The Aloaha PDF Form Saver is a PDF Reader which can also fill&save PDF Forms to disk or import/export the Data as XML to/from disk.

Sometimes it is not possible that all user install the Aloaha PDF Form Saver. For example a bank or government cannot instruct their customers to purchase the Aloaha Form Saver. 

In cases where it is impossible to install our Aloaha PDF Form Saver on all client machines it is possible to host the PDF Forms on our Aloaha PDF Form Server. This will automatically make every PDF Form saveable from within the Adobe Reader without having to install any addtional Software on the clients side.

As an example please call A PDF Form will open in your Adobe Reade. You cann fill in that form and press the "Send Email" Button of the form.

The Form Data will now be merged by the Aloaha PDF Server into the PDF Document. This merged file will be digitally signed and timestamped. This document then will be transfered back to the PDF Reader and displayed on screen. In this example the timestamped signature is the evidence that the document had been delivered at that time. 

Additionally an email will be sent to you containing links to the archived Data and PDF File.  

Both files could be opened directly with the Aloaha PDF Saver. 

If you open the XML file with the Aloaha Saver it will automatically load the original form and display them merged.

The PDF Document is the merged document and can be opened with our standard PDF Reader.

Feature List

The Aloaha PDF Server is based on the Aloaha PDF SDK. Everything which is possible with the Aloaha PDF SDK can be done server based with the Aloaha PDF Server. 

A small overview of the capabilities of the Aloaha PDF SDK can be seen on

Important Features are:

- Server based digital signatures
- Server based RFC 3161 timestamps
- Form saving capabilities
- Mailing function
- No client software needed except the free Adobe Reader.
- ... 

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Download PDF based Mail Client

The PDF Mail Client is a PDF form which can be used to send email. Just download the PDF Form from, open it with your free PDF Reader, fill it in and use it to send your mails.

Birth Certificate Sample

The Birth Certificate is a real life PDF Form. You can simply open it with your Adobe Reader and fill it in. Once you press the red button on the form the data will be sent to our server and merged with the form. The form will then be flattened/sealed, signed and timestamped sent back to your Adobe Reader. Now the ready Form can be saved to your local harddrive.
Aloaha PDF Server

Aloaha PDF Server

With the Aloaha PDF Saver you can fill your Acrobat PDF Forms and save your form data without having any Adobe Software installed.
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