Aloaha PDF Crypter API

The Aloaha PDF Crypter API can be used to access the Aloaha PDF Crypter from your ASP or PHP Website or to integrate certificate based PDF encryption in your application.

To enable the Aloaha PDF Crypter API the Enterprise Edition is required! Please contact for a free evaluation key.

Please find below a sample VBS code to demonstrate how easy the API is to use. More samples can be found HERE.

Dim crypter
Dim pdfstring 

'create crypter object
Set crypter=CreateObject("aloahapdf.edit") 

    'add public keys of recipients. More than one public key is allowed!
     Call crypter.add_recipient("c:\enc\public.cer")
     Call crypter.add_recipient("c:\enc\ceo.cer") 

     'read PDF document to be encrypted from File

     'call certificate based PDF encryption
     If pdfstring<>"" Then
          'write encrypted PDF to disk

     End If
Set crypter=nothing

40/128 Bit encryption

Learn here how to apply or remove 40/128 Bit PDF encryption!
Aloaha PDF Crypter

Aloaha PDF Crypter

Aloaha encrypts the PDF documents with the public key(s) of the user allowed to read/display the PDF document.
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