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Your free personal certificate for more security on the Internet

If it is important for you to trust the content of a received e-mail or PDF Document and if you also want to make sure that your communication partners can trust that e-mails and PDF Documents were really sent by you, then you should digitally sign your electronic messages and documents.

The digital signature will check the content of the e-mail/PDF documents and alterations will be noticed once the message reaches the recipient. Digital certificates furthermore allow the encryption of e-mails and PDF Documents to make sure that nobody has unauthorized access to your private communication.

Current e-mail programs offer this function while we offer the digital certificate that is needed in addition. To sign PDF Documents our Aloaha PDF Suite is the right choice. For eBook generation (certificate based encryption of PDF Documents) we offer our Aloaha PDF Crypter.

Aloaha Test Certificate:
Our Aloaha Test Certificates can be issued directly via

Aloaha Class 1: For encryption and signing of documents
This certificate with a trust level 1 was created as an easy entry to secure electronic communication. Within only a few minutes after your application, you can improve your data security and document confidentiality. Just fill in the form below and we will supply you with a free class 1 digital certificate.

Aloaha CodeSigning Certificate: For signing of binary files
A CodeSigning Certificate can be used to digitally sign executable files. We issue the certificate to our user free of charge if you send us a digitally signed email to:
Please

 certnew.cer (1,27 KB)

Installing and using digital certificates.pdf (259,92 KB)
Digitally signed PDF (82,68 KB)

Aloaha Crypto Card

If you want to save your certificate to a smartcard than the Aloaha Crypto Card is the card of your choice.

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