Mifare PKI Card

With Aloaha it is possible to use a Standard 4k Mifare Card as a very cheap contactless PKI card. Just load with Aloaha a normal PFX file into the card and Aloaha will handle the card as if it is a PKI Card.

Besides the very cheap cost of Mifare Cards this solution has lots of advantages. Just move your certificate out of the Windows Certificate Store on to the Mifare Card for extra security. 

Below you find a sample script on how to write a PFX File to the Mifare Card:

dim dummy
dim csp
set csp = createobject("aloahacsp.aloaha_csp")

dummy = ""
dummy = dummy + vbCrLf + "[CER]"
dummy = dummy + vbCrLf + "C:\mysink\csp\stefan.pfx"
dummy = dummy + vbCrLf + "[/CER]"

dummy = csp.BSTR2HEX(cstr(dummy)) 

if csp.set_reader(CLng(0)) = True then 

     If csp.MifareWriteCard(26, cstr(dummy), "") = True Then 
          MsgBox "OK"
     end if

End If

Please note that the PFX Writer of the Aloaha Cardconnector and the Aloaha Credential Provider can write directly PFX Files to Mifare Cards!

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  • Hi

    I have purchased ACR 120 mifare Card Reader Writer, I want to know weather this machine can write anything on card or not?,

    If anything is written on mifare card than they have given a time-attendance software through we can see otherwise we can\\\'t see I want to keep my employee details in this card so that no other employe can see each others detail.

    We I run software I belive that the data which I am getting on screen is for the database of software.

    I would like to know that how can I read data without database straight from card and how can I wirte other detials which is not given in pre-defined software?

    I will be glad if you can help me out.

    Amit Pandya


    Aloaha developed a filesystem for Mifare cards. With the Aloaha Smartcard Connector you can read/write directly to your cards. More details can be found on http://www.aloaha.com/software-development/mifare.php

    Should you require an evaluation key please contact info@aloaha.com
    Answered 05.01.2009
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