Aloaha PDF Form Saver

The Aloaha Formsaver allows user to save PDF Forms inclusive the formdata to disk.

Adobe Reader is limited and not able to save PDF Forms. Open the sample below in your reader and you see that you are not able to save the form.

aloaha_testform.pdf (30,33 KB)

The Aloaha PDF Saver solves this dilemma. You can now open your PDF Forms, fill them and save them to disk. Additionally the Aloaha PDF Saver includes an OCX component to embed the form saver in your own applications. 

To download and install the Aloaha PDF Saver OCX please download and install or

The sample source code to can be found in the <installdir>\samples\formsaver directory. It demonstrates the OCX functionality and explains how to use the APIs and Events.

Additional feature are:

  • PDF Document can be returned as string for further processing
  • Form Data accessible as XML
  • XML Data can be merged directly with PDF Form
  • Event driven. Connect the Events with your own code to save the data to your database
  • OCX can be used as Freeware PDF Reader (5,28 KB)

Please ask...

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  • Hi, I am in the process of evaluating PDF Form Saver, I can easily merge my XML into a PDF form, looking very good ! However I am struggling to flatten the resulting PDF ? i.e. opening it in a PDF viewer shows the form fields and allows editing. Do you have an example of how to do this ? I am using VBScript initialy, might change to VB once I have it working. Last hurdle before we go ahead and purchase.


    To flatten a PDF form please use function seal_all_fields. Please contact in case you need some sample code or an evaluation key.
    Answered 22.03.2010
  • Can a pdf saved with form saver ocx be edited with form saver if necessary?
  • I can't tell if your software does what I am looking for. I am looking for a way to save PDF files through an intranet to a central server. Clients would then be able to take a local copy of the PDF file with them, make changes, and save the PDF file to our central server.
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