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Much has been said about email security but hardly anything about SMS security. Considering the amount of sensitive SMS sent on a daily base that is pretty surprising. As the recent stories with manipulated Nokia 1100 (just Google it) have shown it is very possible to intercept SMS from other users.

Many enterprises are aware that SMS have no better security than a plain postcard thus prohibiting the sending of sensitive information via SMS without encrypting them.

With its second version of Aloaha Mobile Security for SMS Aloaha is now offering its secure SMS technology to a broader audience to increase the awareness to protect any communication against interception.

The basic Version of Aloaha Mobile Security for SMS will be free of charge so that anybody will be able to send encrypted SMS. For additional security Users will be able to purchase 2048 RSA Key Material from Aloaha. In the professional Version Users can use their own Key Material.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact info@aloaha.com


Copy .CAB file via ActiveSync or Mobile Device Manager to your mobile. On your mobile install it with a click on the CAB file and then reset/reboot the device to activate the software.

Aloaha Secure SMS Benefits

  • Secure end-to-end encryption meeting the highest security standards (RSA 2048 Bit)
  • Optionally, specify your own encryption Certificate (commercial version only) 
  • Unique key/certificate for each handset with decryption limited to the designated device
  • Communicates over SMS channel (resilient and supported by all carriers)
  • Data saved encyrpted on handset (sent and received SMS)
  • Unlimited message size (limited by handset hardware)
  • Optional message archiving for reporting and compliancy
  • Certified with major carriers, operating systems and handset manufacturers

Certificate Wizard Manual

This is a small application used to try and match the phone entries on a windows mobile device to certificates stored on the PC and on the online Aloaha certificate store. For this reason an internet
connection is recommended but not mandatory. The wizard is not included in the setup. It is an optional download below this text box!

Instructions for use:

- Synchronise the mobile device’s contacts to the PC via activesync.
- Run the wizard. Note that the wizard has several dependencies which must be stored in the same location as “CertificateWizard.exe”. Extract the zip file below incluse sub directories.
- When the progress bar reaches 100% any required certificates will have been copied to the device.

 MobileCertificateWizard.zip (409,09 KB) Certificate Wizard Manual.pdf (244,52 KB)

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What is the default PIN to read encrypted SMS?

The default PIN is 123456

How do I change the default PIN?

There are different ways via telnet, via Aloaha Cardconnector, etc. The easiest way is to go into the settings dialog and choose Change PIN. Please contact info@aloaha.com for details.

How do I get my private key?

It depends. In case you are using the freeware version you can request a private key from us. In case you use the commercial version you can upload your own private key to the mobile. The private key can also be a hardware token such as a special SIM card or uSD Card.

Does Aloaha Mobile Security for SMS use the same Key Material as the mobile cryptographic service provider?


Is it possible to host the private key in the mobile SIM Card itself?

Yes, but it depends on your mobile provider. Please contact us for further information on info@aloaha.com

What is the way to add a new contact or get a contact from my contact list?

Aloaha is only able to encrypt a SMS if it has the certificate of the recipient saved in its own certificate store. To send an encrypted SMS to 0815 you need to have saved the certificate of the recipient as 0815.cer in the subfolder CertificateStore in the Aloaha SecureSMS installation folder on your device. You can access that folder via ActiveSync or the Mobile Device Center.

Much easier it is if you use our MobileCertificateWizard. The Wizard automatically transfers the Outlook Addressbook Certificates to your Mobile.

Do I need .NET CF?

Yes, .NET CF 3.5 is required

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Encrypted SMS

SIM PIN Dialog

Aloaha Mobile Security for SMS

Aloaha Mobile Security for SMS

The basic Version of Aloaha Mobile Security for SMS will be free of charge so that anybody will be able to send encrypted SMS. For additional security Users will be able to purchase 2048 RSA Key Material from Aloaha.


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