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Aloaha Smart GINA

Please note that this product is not available anymore. Please have a look at the Aloaha Credential Provider instead!

Aloaha GINA is a multifunctional PC access / logon software based on PC/SC compliant readers and smart cards.

ALoaha GINA is implemented as a hooking GINA without any need for PKI or network/Active Directory behind. All credentials are safely stored on a smart card protected by PINs. The behavior of the software may be configured with high granularity.

In the contact based version several different cards may be used (like SICRYPT, CardOS, flashCOS) - smartGINA MIFARE is the contact less product for the use with Philips MIFARE (1k and 4k) technology. 


  • Storage of username and password for Windows in a protected mode within the smart card
  • Data protection by PIN authorization against unauthorized access or hacking attempts
  • Easy management of several accounts and passwords on a
    smart card
  • Software supports contact less smart cards as well as CPU-cards
  • Automatic logon by inserting the smart card into the card reader and
    typing the associated PIN
  • Option to create complex and secure passwords automatically
    and store them on the smart card
  • Permanent observation against  unauthorized access by monitoring
    the presence of the smart card within the card reader
  • CSP interface (Crypto Service Provider)


  • Secure PC Logon
  • Secure Desktop
  • Windows 2000/XP PKI enabled
  • AutoLogon to applications
  • Corporate Card with Building Access, Canteen payment and
    Time Recording

Technical Data

  • System Requirements
    PC with
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003 Server
    Windows Vista
  • PC/SC-compatible smart card
    smart card 
    smartGINA software 
    Biometric sensor (optional)
  • Supported CPU Smart Card
    Operating Systems
    - Infineon SICRYPT
    - ACG flashCOS
  • Supported Contactless Cards
    - MIFARE standard
  • Supported Card Readers
    - all PC/SC compliant smart card readers

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The smartGINA can be ordered from us for 85 Euro + VAT + postage. Two blank SICRYPT Cards are included in the package!

Gates:End to passwords in sight

SAN JOSE, Calif. RSA Conference 2006 February 14, 2006--For years, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has had his sights set on the password as the weak link in the computer security chain. The smart card is replacement of passwords.
"I don't pretend that we are going to move away from passwords overnight, but over three or four years, for corporate systems, this change can and should happen," he said.
Video clip of Gates speech (00:00:38)
Video of complete Gates speech (00:45:36 from Microsoft)

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