Aloaha Crypto Card

Aloaha Crypto Card


  • 3 independent Key pairs + 1 hidden key pair, keys can be uploaded to the card or generated on the card itself
  • Keys CANNOT be retrieved from the card
  • 3 Certificate Container + 1 hidden certificate
  • PIN can be deactivated to turn card into a simple 1 factor authentication token/convenience card or password store
  • PUK to reset PIN
  • Additional 32KB (16 x 2k banks) secure storage
  • 63 internal Database records. For example to save encrypted logon credentials
  • available also sim-sized (ID-000)
  • contactless version also available

PersonalisationofAloahaCard.pdf (587,88 KB)
 Smartcard Test (13,23 KB)

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Free Class 1 Certificates

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