Aloaha Develops Secure DRM System for PDF Documents

Ibbenbueren, October 27, 2005 - Called Aloaha PDF Crypter, the system is designed to enable publishers to distribute massive numbers of documents over the Internet while controlling who is authorized to open and read them, according to Stefan Engelbert, Aloaha’s president and chief technology officer.

Aloaha sets the stage for the controlled distribution of millions of protected documents over the Internet allowing publishers to develop new revenue streams while guarding their copyrights and proprietary information, Stefan said.

Aloaha PDF Crypter uses the public key of the readers to encrypt the PDF in a way that only the owner of the private key can access the PDF document. No further credentials like username/password are required thus eliminating the risk to be passed on to non authorized people.

No plug-ins or other software, besides the Adobe Acrobat Reader, is needed to access the documents.

Aloaha PDF Crypter is potentially valuable to college textbook publishers, banks to be able to distribute sensible bank statements and online magazines. It gives also extra security to confidential documents such as sensitive financial, medical or strategic business information.

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The company is marketing the Aloaha PDF Crypter, which has been released this month, to banks and financial services companies and is actively talking to several banks.

Aloaha PDF Crypter is available for download at The freeware version of Aloaha adds a small advert to every encrypted PDF. Pricing starts at 49 Euro / 59USD. No per document charges or whatsoever apply!

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